A Supplement to Help Me Lose Weight

I always thought I might have a problem with my thyroid, but my doctor insisted that everything was fine. He had done some basic blood work to determine this, but I felt that it was still something there that required further testing. I was overweight, but I honestly did not eat a lot, plus I work out at least four times a week. I might indulge in a piece of cake now and again or a fast food dinner, but those are rare exceptions. My husband is the one who told me to go to www.thyromine.us and look at the information on there because he knew how frustrated I was about my weight issue.

It would have been different if I just was not taking care of myself, but I was. That is the whole reason I thought it might be my thyroid, and I was so grateful that my husband took me more serious than our doctor. He had done some independent research on a supplement called Thyromine, and he felt that this was worth a try. If it did not work, then no harm. Continue reading “A Supplement to Help Me Lose Weight”

My Grandma’s Best Kept Secrets

My grandmother Rose was one of the most important women in my life. She played a strong part in my upbringing. She was always there when I needed. She was the sweetest woman in the world. She never had an enemy a day in her life. If she did, she would invite them to over to the house for red velvet cake. She was the matriarch for our entire family. She was definitely the glue that held our family together. When she left this earth, we were sad. Later we found electric pressure cooker recipes from my grandma. She had them stashed away for her family.

One thing that Grandma Rose was cooking. She loved to bake cakes, cookies, and other delicious meals. We always looked forward to going to her house for Thanksgiving. We loved her delicious turkey. It was so moist and delicious. Even though she is not here, I can still the and taste her meals as of they were fresh her kitchen.

One day while going through my Grandma Rose’s old papers, I saw something important. It was a whole notebook of different various dishes. They were for some of her favorite dishes. They all were able to be cooked in an electric pressure cooker. There were recipes for turkey breasts, ribs, pastas, and even her delicious cheesecake. We were so happy to find her secret recipes. An idea formed in my head.

After careful consultation with my family, we decided to make a cookbook featuring Grandma Rose’s famous dishes. We decided to use the cookbook to honor her memory and make a profit. We teamed up with a marketing firm that will expand our brand to the public. Our cookbook have been selling like grandma’s hotcakes. I know she is very proud of our family by honoring her memory.

Stuff from a Different Country

Every month, there are movies that come and leave Netflix. There was one movie that I wanted to watch, but I never had free time to see it, so when it left at the end of the month, I was devastated. Then I learned that the movie was still available on overseas Netflix servers, but there was no way for me to see it on those servers because I didn’t have an account in those countries. I found out that it was possible to get a free VPN account and use my Netflix account to watch the overseas content.

I read up on where to get the VPN and made an account on a website. Continue reading “Stuff from a Different Country”

The Software Can Take Care of It

I used to have my taxes done by a professional, but I got tired of spending money on something that I could have been doing myself. I tried to do my own taxes for the first time two years ago, but I had some problems and eventually had to go back to the professional for help. That was a humiliating situation that I didn’t want to happen again. I looked into some professional tax preparation software that could help me figure out the ins and outs of taxes while saving money in the process.

I used to have my taxes done by a professional, but I got tired of spending money on something that I could have been doing myself. I tried to do my own taxes for the first time two years ago, but I had some problems and eventually had to go back to the professional for help. That was a humiliating situation that I didn’t want to happen again. Continue reading “The Software Can Take Care of It”

Taxes Done in Record Time

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of videos of people crushing things with a hydraulic press. This gave an idea of doing something similar, but with a wood chipper. I had an old wood chipper that I got for cheap and used it to grind up some tree limbs from a fallen tree in my yard. I wanted to make videos of me putting other things in the wood chipper and post them on my website. I looked at some Conax Digital SEO packages to get people to come to the website to watch the videos.

With my taxes out of the way, I was ready to do my mother’s and my brother’s taxes. They always have me do theirs because they don’t know how to file on their own. My mother used to pay an preparer, but she stopped when she became old enough and retired from her job. Continue reading “Taxes Done in Record Time”

Now My Dog Can Always Be with Me

My dog and I are nearly inseparable. I’ve had my dog for nearly five years and I consider him to be family. He’s such a playful dog and whenever I come home, he’s always happy to see me. I learned recently about a website that sells dog print socks, and I thought it would be the perfect gift for myself. When I’m at work, I can just look at my socks whenever I miss my dog. I went to the website and uploaded a picture of my dog for the socks. After placing the order, I waited for the socks to come in the mail.

When the socks finally arrived, I unboxed them and my dog barked at them and looked at them with a confused look. I guess seeing his own picture on a pair of socks was something that he didn’t think could happen. If I were in his shoes, I would be a bit confused too. The socks feel so comfortable to wear. They’re much better than the socks that I usually buy at the big box stores. They have these neat pads on them too, so walking always feels like I’m stepping on clouds floating in the air.

Everyone that has seen my socks thinks that they’re cute. There’s even one guy at my work place who doesn’t like dogs and still thought the socks were cute. I think he was chased by a dog when he was younger, which caused him to have a fear of dogs. I should let him meet my dog sometime. Then again, just because he likes the socks, that doesn’t mean that he’ll like my dog. Maybe I should start small by getting him a pair of dog socks for Christmas if I draw him in the yearly office secret Santa.

A Lot of Flavors for Vaping

I never got into smoking cigarettes. I tried them a couple of times when I was younger, mostly because my older brother and both of my cousins smoked. I just could not get past the taste of the nicotine though. I do enjoy vaping though because the flavors are actually good. I don’t want to feel like I am inhaling an ash tray, but I do enjoy a good juice that is sweet and tasty. I buy CBD vape oil online now, and I have even more flavors to choose from because of this.

I used to buy from a smoke shop that was only a few blocks away. They sold everything from cigarettes and cigars to electronic cigarettes and vaping juices. They had a small but nice variety that was more fruity than anything else. When they told me that they were closing up shop, I knew that I had to find a place online to buy from because the closest smoke shop was nearly a 30 minute drive away. Continue reading “A Lot of Flavors for Vaping”

I Have Professional Cleaning Services Now

I never thought I would take advantage of professional cleaning services in Singapore but I am so glad that I did. It all started when I had to clean out my mom’s house. She was moving in with my sister because of a chronic illness, so it was mostly up to me to clean out her house as best as I could. My brother and his family planned on moving in but they could not for several more months. I knew that I needed help since it was just me, and I hired a cleaning service to help me once I decided what to do with the furniture that my mom did not take and that my brother did not want.

The house is not a mansion, but it is not small either. It has four bedrooms, so you can see why it would take me so long to clean it on my own. If that is all I had to do, then it would not have been a problem. However, I have young children and a part time job as well. Hiring a professional cleaning company seemed the best answer to this. Continue reading “I Have Professional Cleaning Services Now”

Changing Our Son’s Attitude About Tutoring

Our son thought it was the end of the world when he got his grades and saw he dropped by a full letter grade in physics. It really bothered him because he was deeply involved in the school clubs that developed robotic systems. He was into programming AI and developing automated machines to do human tasks, and that involved a lot of physics and math. We surprised him with physics tuition taught by a very dynamic and effective instructor. You would have thought we punished him by taking away every privilege. He was upset to be enrolled. He finally told us that he saw it as a remedial class. He said that if his friends who are in the physics class at school or on the robotics teams found out that he would be ostracized.

Well, we put our foot down and made him go. He came back smiling from ear to ear. He said that the group leaders and the top grade makers in school for robotics and physics were already taking the tutoring classes taught at the physics tuition place where we enrolled him. He asked them why they never said anything. Their reasoning was the same as his. They thought they would lose status by being tutored when everyone felt they should be doing the tutoring. This changed his entire outlook about group participation and learning. He has never been the same. He seeks out instruction when he is struggling with anything now.

His peer group pretty much taught him that it is the right thing to do even if you do not advertise it to the group as a whole. It is like he is part of the secret the leaders of his peer group share. They got to where they are at with their smarts because they pursued the extra help to get there. Hey, whatever it takes to help him succeed, right?