Changing Our Son’s Attitude About Tutoring

Our son thought it was the end of the world when he got his grades and saw he dropped by a full letter grade in physics. It really bothered him because he was deeply involved in the school clubs that developed robotic systems. He was into programming AI and developing automated machines to do human tasks, and that involved a lot of physics and math. We surprised him with physics tuition taught by a very dynamic and effective instructor. You would have thought we punished him by taking away every privilege. He was upset to be enrolled. He finally told us that he saw it as a remedial class. He said that if his friends who are in the physics class at school or on the robotics teams found out that he would be ostracized.

Well, we put our foot down and made him go. He came back smiling from ear to ear. He said that the group leaders and the top grade makers in school for robotics and physics were already taking the tutoring classes taught at the physics tuition place where we enrolled him. He asked them why they never said anything. Their reasoning was the same as his. They thought they would lose status by being tutored when everyone felt they should be doing the tutoring. This changed his entire outlook about group participation and learning. He has never been the same. He seeks out instruction when he is struggling with anything now.

His peer group pretty much taught him that it is the right thing to do even if you do not advertise it to the group as a whole. It is like he is part of the secret the leaders of his peer group share. They got to where they are at with their smarts because they pursued the extra help to get there. Hey, whatever it takes to help him succeed, right?

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