Now My Dog Can Always Be with Me

My dog and I are nearly inseparable. I’ve had my dog for nearly five years and I consider him to be family. He’s such a playful dog and whenever I come home, he’s always happy to see me. I learned recently about a website that sells dog print socks, and I thought it would be the perfect gift for myself. When I’m at work, I can just look at my socks whenever I miss my dog. I went to the website and uploaded a picture of my dog for the socks. After placing the order, I waited for the socks to come in the mail.

When the socks finally arrived, I unboxed them and my dog barked at them and looked at them with a confused look. I guess seeing his own picture on a pair of socks was something that he didn’t think could happen. If I were in his shoes, I would be a bit confused too. The socks feel so comfortable to wear. They’re much better than the socks that I usually buy at the big box stores. They have these neat pads on them too, so walking always feels like I’m stepping on clouds floating in the air.

Everyone that has seen my socks thinks that they’re cute. There’s even one guy at my work place who doesn’t like dogs and still thought the socks were cute. I think he was chased by a dog when he was younger, which caused him to have a fear of dogs. I should let him meet my dog sometime. Then again, just because he likes the socks, that doesn’t mean that he’ll like my dog. Maybe I should start small by getting him a pair of dog socks for Christmas if I draw him in the yearly office secret Santa.

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