Stuff from a Different Country

Every month, there are movies that come and leave Netflix. There was one movie that I wanted to watch, but I never had free time to see it, so when it left at the end of the month, I was devastated. Then I learned that the movie was still available on overseas Netflix servers, but there was no way for me to see it on those servers because I didn’t have an account in those countries. I found out that it was possible to get a free VPN account and use my Netflix account to watch the overseas content.

I read up on where to get the VPN and made an account on a website. From there, it was a simple matter of putting the VPN settings into my computer and the Netflix website thought that I was using their website from a foreign country. I started watching the movie, and it had subtitles in a different language, but I didn’t care, because I was able to turn them off and watch the movie with the original English language audio. I couldn’t believe that I had been putting off watching that movie for so long, especially since it was so good.

After the movie was over, I looked around to see if there was anything else that I was missing by not having an account overseas. There were a lot of shows that looked interesting, but they were in a different language. I did my best to figure out what was going on in the plot. Some of it was easy to figure out, but others were a little hard, and I had to just guess. It was a nice experience that I will do again when I have the free time to sit down and watch all of the content.

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