Taxes Done in Record Time

Over the past few years, there have been a lot of videos of people crushing things with a hydraulic press. This gave an idea of doing something similar, but with a wood chipper. I had an old wood chipper that I got for cheap and used it to grind up some tree limbs from a fallen tree in my yard. I wanted to make videos of me putting other things in the wood chipper and post them on my website. I looked at some Conax Digital SEO packages to get people to come to the website to watch the videos.

With my taxes out of the way, I was ready to do my mother’s and my brother’s taxes. They always have me do theirs because they don’t know how to file on their own. My mother used to pay an preparer, but she stopped when she became old enough and retired from her job. Normally to do my taxes, along with theirs, it would take the whole day, and I would put it off as long as possible, even waiting until the due date to submit the tax forms. This time, I did it all before the due date and didn’t have a problem.

The surprising thing is that my mother was able to get a refund this year. Normally she doesn’t get anything, but she doesn’t owe anything either. I’ve always owed and so has my brother because of our self employment status and making over the minimum threshold for filing. It wasn’t a lot of money, but a refund is still a refund, and she was happy to have it. She decided to take the family out for dinner to celebrate the refund and getting the taxes done in a timely manner. If she wants to reward me like that, then I’ll do the taxes on the first day of January.

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