Villagers’ Health Issues

Villagers’ Health Issues – The Immediate Need for the Best Solution for Doctor Shortage in Villages and Rural Areas

Many small communities and towns all over the world are suffering from shortages. The local medicos are usually overworked and fail to find new and permanent staff since majority of younger doctors refuse to move to rural areas. Many medical professionals choose to stay in capital cities since they find the relocation easier.

Gaps in medical staffing are now being filled by short term or locum doctor replacements. However,  the number of doctors who are prepared to deal with locum work is still limited, and at times, locum firms find it hard to cover all the required positions. Medical locums are the temporary medical jobs being offered for filling gaps with the permanent staff still away or once suitable replacements have been found.

There are several factors which affect the number of doctors in the rural areas, and these include the following:

  • There is now an aging medical workforce, and most doctors are quickly nearing retirement age or would like to reduce their work commitments.
  • An earlier source of doctors is now drying up with the registration becoming even more difficult, and there is an increase for demand for doctors overseas.
  • Many of the medical graduates these days are women, and become of personal and family factors, it is less likely for female doctors to work those hours that their male counterparts used to tolerate in the past.
  • There are now fewer doctors who are willing to relocate for good to a country in which they see lifestyle and career opportunities to be more limited.
  • For more than a decade, during 1990s as well as early 2000s, there was lesser number of new doctors who are graduating in many countries.

Different educational and government agencies are working very hard to address the said factors, for example, through supporting vocational training of the rural general practitioners and increasing the number of the medical graduates. However, this kind of strategies will surely take time, and there is still a chance that the number of the job postings for rural doctors will remain vacant and increase before the number reduces. Some other incentives are done to encourage even more doctors to practice their expertise in villages and rural areas.

It is said that many years will pass before this shortage of doctors in villages and rural places will be finally overcome.

As of now, rural health services continuously work hard to make the rural practice seem more attractive. There will remain to be a great demand for doctors in communities and rural towns all over the world and the ones who choose to go to these areas for longer or short periods are often very pleased with the choice they made. This is because of several reasons, such as cheaper costs of living, more personal contact with the patients, and higher sense of being an important and valued part of the community.

Today, it is much easier for doctors to find and land on medical positions because of websites which are mainly focused on medical recruitment. Hopefully, there will be a better influx of doctors who will help address villagers health issues all over the world.

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